Back under construction!

Sadly the old site finally collapsed under the weight of dust gathered on top of it, so now seems like the ideal time to give everything a thorough revamp in preparation for exciting things to come (whatever they may be!) in 2019…

One thought on “Back under construction!”

  1. Just the quickest of quickies to say that there’s a review of _What shape is space_
    up on the spring edition of the SF² Concatenation

    The URL for your social media/blog etc should you wish is

    Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation

    A four-time winner of the European
    SF Society Eurocon Award

    Well over one-and-a-half million pages downloaded in 2018
    20,372 unique visitors each month (July – Sept 2018)
    124,769 whole pages downloaded each month (July – Sept 2018)

    Spring edition Facebook alert at the British SF Association

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